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The ultimate way to host content

With auto-subtitles, multi-language support, performance analytics, and more, Video Hosting is the home for all your employee-generated content.

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Written by Emily Watkins-McNab

11 Apr, 2023  â€“  3 mins read

This feature is currently in Beta, meaning some functionalities are still in testing and may not work to their full potential. We appreciate any feedback to help us make Video Hosting the best it can be.

Video is the most engaging way to do just about anything. But it’s not always straightforward and often requires jumping from platform to platform and a whole lot of wasted time.

Wouldn’t it be easier to crowdsource, create, host and analyse performance all in one platform? 

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, keep reading.

What is Video Hosting?

Think of it as the one-stop shop for all your content, except it’s free to use with your Seenit plan.

With auto-subtitles, multi-language support, performance analytics, and more, Video Hosting is the home for all your employee-generated content.

6 key features of Video Hosting

Now you know Video Hosting is the place for all your content to live, but what does that mean?

1. Immersive video player

Play all of your hosted videos through our responsive video player. 

Our brand-new video player allows for a viewing experience worthy of your content. Once you’ve edited your video, let it do the talking through an immersive video experience. 

How do you get to the video player? With a video link! Our unique video sharing link allows you to make your content go further and share it with the world. Simply choose a video title and description and you’re ready to go.

The video player allows you to turn on subtitles, keep reading to find out more.

Good morning, this is Jack from Acme

2. Embed

Our unique video link allows you to send your content wherever you want. Make your content go further with embed. 

Embed makes it easy to add a video to your site, intranet, or anywhere else, with no need to write a single line of code. From mobiles to big screens, the video player looks great across devices.

Acme intranet

3. Auto-generated subtitles for all

Save precious time with auto-generated transcriptions. 

With Video Hosting, finalise your edit and we’ll automatically generate subtitles for improved accessibility and watching ease. You’ll save precious time writing out transcripts and syncing text to your video. Plus, it’ll be a lot more accurate than most auto-generated subtitles.

You can also download subtitles (in a VTT file format) to share externally with your video or view them through the immersive video player.

Enable subtitles

4. Multi-language subtitles

Seenit already allows you to create content with anyone, anywhere. However, working across multiple languages has its own set of challenges.

With multi-language subtitles, simply pick your video’s primary language (from over 75 options) and Seenit will automatically transcribe subtitles in the chosen language.

Working with the Spanish team but can’t quite make out what they’re saying to write subtitles? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Select language

5. Powerful video analytics 

Get insight into your content performance metrics, including views of your page, plays of your video and average watched percentage. 

This allows you to iterate and improve your content by keeping an eye on your analytics. Video Hosting empowers you to create better content each time and prove ROI to your organisation.

Analyse performance

6. Unlimited Video Hosting

Store your content with Video Hosting (within fair usage).

No more headaches about bandwidth limits and paying expensive storage fees. You won’t even need to keep your videos outside of the Seenit platform. All your content can now live in the same place, forever.

Simply put: Video Hosting allows you to store your Seenit-created content and share it with the world without ever moving it (tip: that’s when you’ll use the video link)

Within fair usage


Host, manage, and share your videos – all from the Seenit platform. With auto-subtitles, multi-language support, performance analytics, and more, Video Hosting is the home for all your employee-generated content.

If you have any feedback about Video Hosting, we’d love to hear from you at:

Made it this far but not currently using Seenit? You can book a demo to learn more about Seenit, the employee-generated video platform.

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