User-Generated Video Masterclass for Impactful Storytelling

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About this session

Join Roxane von Hurter, Brendan Freer, and Freddy Cleveley from Seenit’s Customer Success team for a User-Generated Video (UGV) masterclass. Whether you’ve been using UGV for a while or this is the first time you’re hearing about it, this session will introduce you to this new category and showcase some great video examples.

The session will cover:
  • What is UGV
  • 3 of our favourite UGV examples and why we love them
  • Our key learnings when using UGV

Watch video example ‘Bring Beauty Back’:

Watch video example ‘Italians record messages for “themself from 10 days ago”’:

Watch video example ‘A day in the life of a volunteer police officer’:

Meet the speakers

Freddy Cleveley Photograph

Freddy Cleveley

VP of Customer Success

Freddy has been working in the user-generated content space for the past 5 years. He currently works in Seenit’s Customer Success team helping organisations to create video content in a more inclusive way by leveraging the diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives and voices that are present in every large corporate.

Brendan Freer Photograph

Brendan Freer

Brendan has been working with Seenit customers for over three years, helping them create engaging video with their communities.
Roxane von Hurter Photograph

Roxane von Hurter

Roxane is part of Seenit's Customer Success Team and works directly with some of its customers to ensure they successfully utilise the Seenit platform to create amazingly authentic video.

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