Seenit Storytelling Summit 2021

Learn from and connect with the biggest names and brightest minds in social good storytelling.

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Seenit Storytelling Summit Thank Video

Harnessing the ROI of social good storytelling

A huge thank you to everyone that took part in the Seenit Storytelling Summit 2021.

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About this event

Now more than ever, business leaders must be able to demonstrate to their audiences that they are genuine, trustworthy and dedicated in delivering social good.

It’s hardly surprising to hear that a sizeable 40% of consumers today:

  • seek purposeful brands
  • trust in brands to act in the best interests of society 

In response, a growing number of businesses across the globe are linking their brand with a social impact initiative, partially in response to COVID-19 and consumer pressures to play an integral role in recovery. 

Storytelling - as the oldest of all the arts - is the most powerful way of delivering a message. It’s a compelling tool that demonstrates the importance and impact of your social good efforts, ranging from inclusion and diversity to giving back to the community and beyond.

This event brings together the biggest names and brightest minds in social good storytelling to share their success stories - how it’s going, how it started and how you can do it.

Watch all talks on-demand for free

Join us live on April 1st 2021 to learn from and engage with speakers and fellow attendees and get on-demand access to all session recordings post-event.

Closing and Networking

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