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Struggling to engage your remote workforce? Think video

How video collaboration can help maintain productivity and engagement when your team is working from home 🏠

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Employer Branding
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About this eBook

Overview 🎉

Large global businesses have been developing employee-led video initiatives to bring together their teams from all over the world. By giving people a voice no matter where they are, these companies are empowering staff to contribute to strategic conversations and creating a greater sense of community among remote workers.

The problem is, the Coronavirus crisis has forced the hand of many businesses and compelled them to introduce digital workplace policies before they are ready. This guide is designed to help both businesses and employees make the best of the situation we are now in.

What’s included? 💥

  • Learn how to engage your remote workforce
  • Learn how to encourage productivity
  • Learn how to keep togetherness as a team
  • Learn how to keep morale up and avoid distractions

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