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The State of Employer Brand 2021

We explore the current state of Employer Brand, including stats and tips on how to showcase it both internally and externally.

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Employer Branding
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About this Report

The digital age of transformation is here.

We have all had to spend more time online over the last few years, forcing traditional processes and industries to change their ways. With some changes here to stay, no organisation must get left behind.

In The State of Employer Brand 2021 report, we dive into what employer brand is, some recruitment stats we think you’d like to know, and how to show your employer brand to the inside and the outside world.

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How companies attract and recruit talent has dramatically changed, with the majority (if not all) of processes shifted online. There’s one big secret to the online world, and that is that there are no secrets. Everything can be reviewed, criticised, screen-recorded, shared, and praised, with no stone left unturned. And with visibility comes great responsibility.

Companies’ employer brand has never been more visible to future and existing employees. Companies must acknowledge this to build positive employer brands, engage their employees, and hire the right people.

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