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24 hours at Seenit

To help candidates learn about the culture of your business, to get to know the team and to see what a typical day could look like.

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24 hours at Seenit

We're documenting a day in the life at our amazing company ☀️, from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed!

This is all specific to that ONE day that we ask you to film.

For each Scene below, please film between 1-5 clips (or more if you're feeling snap-happy). A selfie video to narrate what's going on in your day AND "b-roll" clips to show us what's happening during the day. For more information on what makes great b-roll go here 👉Ultimate guide to b-roll

Do get creative with this, film together with your teammates and upload everything. The more content we get from everyone, the better the video will be! 

Story closes in 1 day

Film in landscape

Keep clips under 3 mins

Please choose a scene to upload to

What time do you wake up? ⏰ Do you do anything before work? How do you get to work?
What happens in your day at work? Who do you interact with? How do you spend your lunchtimes?
Do you do anything after work? What happens in your evenings?

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Top tips for running this project:

  1. Choose your contributors wisely 🎓
  2. Set aside time for your contributors to film ⏳
  3. When setting your deadline, give yourself enough time to edit 🎯

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