Learning & Development

This stage focuses on offering opportunities for employees to acquire new skills, advance their careers, and contribute effectively to your organisation. Strong learning and development (L&D) programs benefit retention and foster positive feelings among alumni.

Investing in employee growth and continuous learning enhances engagement, retention, and performance. Highlighting L&D opportunities and featuring employee testimonials in your communications can increase awareness and participation in these programs.


What you should have in place at this stage:

  • Build video feedback into your process to gather testimonials
  • A culture where knowledge sharing is encouraged

Channels you should be using:

  • L&D platforms
  • Intranet
  • Business messaging platforms (Slack, Teams etc.)
  • Internal office screens
  • Email

Projects you could run

Quick and easy product walk through

Single Contributor Driving strategy

Interns share their experiences

Multi Contributor Driving strategy

The "of course we're..." trend

Multi Contributor Softer engagement

World Youth Skills Day

Multi Contributor Softer engagement

Interview tips

Single Contributor Driving strategy

An introduction to video and Seenit

Multi Contributor Softer engagement

5 Fundamentals of Filming on your Smartphone

Multi Contributor Driving strategy

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