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In this template, we'll give you the foundations you need to learn how the platform works for you and your contributors, and to finish this story with a real-life final video; a video introduction!

Video introductions are useful as you and the team can reuse them in all your projects when you need them. And they're something you and your team can make with ease, using Seenit.

Take a look at the information on this page, and when ready, click 'Use template' to take this into the platform and start personalising.

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Create your video introduction

Hi all!

We're going to be creating our own video introductions using Seenit.

Please answer the questions in the Scenes and make sure the clips are in landscape.

Your clips can then be edited together and used in future edits!

Thank You 

Story closes in 2 days

Film in landscape

Keep clips Under one minute

Please choose a scene to upload to

Introduce yourself and your role
A quick summary of your role e.g how you work with customers, your successes or core responsibilities etc.
Some B-roll for personality!

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Top tips for running this project:

  1. Interview your contributor
  2. Agree the brief together
  3. Plan the filming schedule with them

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