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5 Fundamentals of Filming on your Smartphone

Making this video can really elevate the type of content you receive for all future videos that you run. It's an overview of all the basics of filming on your smartphone so people keep in mind the best practices when they eventually come around to filming.

It even works well as a template introductory video for all future projects. 

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5 Fundamentals of Filming on your Smartphone

Hey everyone, make sure to watch the video above for more details of why we're making this video ☝️

The 5 L's are all listed below. When filming please make sure you upload a clip to describe what the tip is, and a clip to demonstrate what this means. Feel free to make the descriptions your own and get creative with your demonstration clips too! 🎨

Landscape ‡️

Description: "Please film everything in landscape which means horizontally. This will make it much easier for us when editing and sharing the video" (make your own!)

Lighting πŸ’‘

Description: "Try to avoid shadows on your face and light coming from behind you. Natural light and light from the front will help illuminate your face so we can see you!" (make your own)

Location πŸŒ†

Description: "Film in lots of different places - inside and outside if possible. Try to make where you film relevant to what you're saying too. It makes it more fun and will give us some visual variety to make the video more engaging" (make your own)

Listen 🎧

Description: "Before uploading, listen back to your clips - preferably with headphones on - to make sure we can hear you. Try to avoid noisy rooms and windy tunnels!" (make your own)

Lots (of B-roll) 🎞

Description: "B-roll is the extra footage we ask you to film that adds context to what you're saying and something nice to watch for the audience. With B-roll more is more, so think of some fun things to film and get creative with it!"

Story closes in 3 days

Film in landscape

Keep clips under 3 mins

Please choose a scene to upload to

Landscape ‡️
Lighting πŸ’‘
Location πŸŒ†
Listen 🎧
Lots (of B-roll) 🎞

Give this template a try

Use template

Top tips for running this project:

  1. Choose your contributors wisely πŸŽ“
  2. Set aside time for your contributors to film ⏳
  3. When setting your deadline, give yourself enough time to edit 🎯

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