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Interns share their experiences

This is a simple way of capturing content from your Intern or Grad populations, and sharing their experience of the programme.

It can be filmed face-to-face, or you can ask them to film themselves. It's a simple format that asks one question - what is one skill you learned while on your internship/grad scheme?

A great way to spotlight some of the people in your entry level roles, and drum up excitement to apply for the next round.

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The template

Interns, share your experiences!

What is this project about?
Now that your internship is coming to an end, we want to know what is the one key skill that you've learned during the programme? We'll be visiting your office and filming in the lobby during these times [ADD DATE/TIME] or you can film yourself by clicking on the 'scene' below.

What do I need to do?
Here are a few ideas of things you can film:

  • Keep it snappy! Stick to answering the question as concisely as possible, no need to share any background

  • Ask someone to film you if you can't be at the office location above.

  • If you want to film yourself, try resting your phone against something so you have your hands free

  • Remember to film in portrait

How do I upload?
This is the Seenit platform that we'll be using to film, upload and edit your clips. There are a list of filming instructions below called "Scenes" so please capture 1 or more clips for each Scene.

What next?
We will use the uploads received to create a video showcasing all the amazing skills our interns are leaving with. It's a great way to get your face out there and publicise the skills you have developed during your time in the programme. We'll share the video across our socials.

Story closes in 2 days

Film in portrait

Keep clips under 30s

Give this template a try

Use template

Top tips for running this project:

  1. 🎤 Invest in a mini microphone to really tap into the trend. They can be found online quite cheaply
  2. 😊 Choose contributors who have had a positive experience, and who are confident in taking to camera
  3. 🗣️ Nominate someone charismatic on your team to interview the contributors - or select one of the interns/grads themselves

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