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Celebration Internationally Recognised Events

Celebrations for internationally recognised days, weeks or months (eg International Women's Day, Mental Health Awareness Week), can often go under the radar. Creating a video can capture some of the ways your business celebrates, as well as giving employees an opportunity to share personal stories and build a more open and authentic culture.

The one we created here was a super simple structure- answer one question. This led to some amazing insights from the team and is proof that simple is often better!

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Celebration Internationally Recognised Events

Hi Team!

This year we'd like to push out some content to raise awareness for {Mental Health Awareness Week}. 

This only comes around once a year so it's really important that we stop and celebrate those things that encourage us to be more inclusive.

We want to keep the video relatively simple, just you, how you are celebrating and any B-Roll clips to show us what's happening during the day. For more information on what makes great b-roll go here πŸ‘‰Ultimate guide to b-roll​​​​​​

Story closes in 5 days

Film in landscape

Keep clips under 3 mins

Please choose a scene to upload to

What is your name, role and location? 🌎
How are you celebrating {} this year? πŸ—£
Don't just tell us - show us too! πŸŽ₯

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  1. Choose your contributors wisely πŸŽ“
  2. Set aside time for your contributors to film ⏳
  3. When setting your deadline, give yourself enough time to edit 🎯

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