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Employee Spotlight

Highlight employee stories! Give candidates, new recruits and colleagues a direct insight into a specific role.

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Employee Spotlight

What is this project about?

We want to highlight the amazing work you do and showcase the people who work at our company. It’s easy to see employees as one big group, but each individual has a story to tell, here is the space for you to share yours!

An employee spotlight video is a great opportunity to give outsiders (and colleagues) a look at your life behind the curtain. By participating in this project, you’ll help us showcase company culture and share insights into what it's like to be in your role 🤩


What do I need to do?

Here are a few ideas of things you can film:

  • Record your morning commute
  • Show us your desk (at home, or in the office)
  • Film around your office
  • Film yourself getting some work done
  • Film with a colleague
  • Record a lunch or coffee break
  • Film with a pet, friend or family member


How do I upload?

This is the Seenit platform that we'll be using to film, upload and edit your clips. There is a list of filming instructions below called "Scenes" so please capture 1 or more clips for each Scene and think creatively about how to show what life is like in your shoes!


What next?

We will use the uploads received to create an Employee spotlight video. This will be shared with the wider business and can be used across our socials and in job adverts.


Thanks for being part of this video and we're very excited to work together on this project!

Story closes in 3 days

Film in landscape

Keep clips Under one minute

Please choose a scene to upload to

Introduce yourself - tell us your name and your current role (Selfie, film on the move)
Describe yourself in 3 words (Selfie, film on the move)
What did you want to be when you were younger? (Selfie, film at home)
What was it that got you in to this career in the first place? (Selfie, film at home)
Show us around your home (Film out the front camera)
Take us on a tour of your workspace (Film out the front camera)
What’s been your biggest victory at work? (Selfie, film at work)
What piece of advice would you give to anyone thinking about this path? (Selfie, film on the move)

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Top tips for running this project:

  1. Interview your contributor to find out more about them 🧐
  2. Tailor the brief based on their story and interests 🏂
  3. Authenticity is key so don’t script and do provide feedback 🙌

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