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Ditch the traditional job ad! Give candidates an authentic view of what it is really like to work at your company by hearing from the team themselves.

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1 - 8 people


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Interview Process

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We are Hiring!

What is this project about?

Our goal is to entice top-notch talent to become a part of our team. We plan to achieve this by providing them a glimpse of their potential colleagues and providing details about the nature of the role. So we would like you to capture videos on your phones that we will edit together to create a Hiring video!


What do I need to do?

Here are a few ideas of things you can film throughout the day:

  • Film a walking tour of your office space

  • Record your team meetings throughout the day

  • Film your team having lunch


How do I upload?

This is the Seenit platform that we'll be using to film, upload and edit your clips. There are a list of filming instructions below called "Scenes" so please capture 1 or more clips for each Scene and think creatively about how to show what it's really like working here!


What next?

We will use the uploads received to create a Hiring video highlighting the team and the position. This will be shared across our social channels to improve our application rates and find the best people to join the team.


Thanks for being part of this video and we're very excited to work together on this project!


Story closes in 7 days

Film in landscape

Keep clips under 30s

Please choose a scene to upload to

What excites you about coming to work every day?
What's the most surprising thing you've learned since joining?
What would you tell someone who is considering joining the team?
Film some clips of you going about your day from morning to evening and include some team shots!

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Top tips for running this project:

  1. Consider partnering up to film (it makes it more fun!) 🤝
  2. Launch the project during a team meeting 👩‍🏫
  3. Set time in the diary for filming 📆

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