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International Women's Day

Celebrations for internationally recognised days, weeks or months, can often go under the radar. Creating a video provides a platform to share personal stories and is a powerful way to deliver an important message. 

The one we created here marked 2022's International Women's Day; a three-part short-documentary style series. The team at Seenit were honoured to tell the stories of incredible groups of women who break the bias every day in their fields. A powerful example of bringing together authentic and honest storytelling. 

*Note - this style of video required outreach to external contributors and agreement from them to participate before uploading to this story. 

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Intro video

International Women's Day

Thank you so much for your participation in our documentary for {International Women's Day 2022}! We're so excited to showcase your work, and we hope you have fun filming in the process!

Below is the shot-list- these are prompts to help guide your content, but please don't feel as though you have to answer everything to the letter- we'd love for you to feel able to speak on the issues that you believe matter.

Remember there's no such thing as too much b-roll! Please do upload as much as you feel comfortable with, bloopers and all! Remember our top filming tips:

⭐️ Check your lighting!

⭐️ Check your audio (can you hear background noise)? It's worth watching your clips back to check we can hear you

⭐️ Try to look into the camera rather than at yourself (though tempting!) while filming

⭐️ Always film in landscape mode, please!

⭐️ Don't worry if you mess up, you can upload as many takes as you like!

⭐️ Mix up your filming location- outdoor shots are especially encouraged

⭐️ B-roll, B-roll, B-roll!

Story closes in 1 day

Film in landscape

Keep clips under 3 mins

Please choose a scene to upload to

Say hi! Introduce yourself, where you are from, and what organisation you are part of
Tell us about your organisation/ work. What do you do?
What gender biases have you experienced in your field of work?
Tell us about a project you have worked on which pushes back against gender bias in your field
Imagine a future without these biases! What could it look like? What steps do we need to take to break the bias?
What did you want to be when you grew up?
What message would you like to send to young girls aspiring to work in your field?
Who are your role models? What impact do role models have for those aspiring to work in your field?

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Top tips for running this project:

  1. Choose your contributors wisely 🎓
  2. Set aside time for your contributors to film ⏳
  3. When setting your deadline, give yourself enough time to edit 🎯

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