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POV trend - Day in the Life

This is a great way to mix up the Day in the Life format, and really immerse your audience in your culture.

It's a low lift way for your people to contribute to your content as well. You can easily run this style with one contributor, or branch out to feature multiple POVs. As your contributors don't have to show their faces or talk directly to camera, it's a really nice format to showcase some of the shyer, less frequently heard from sections of your workforce.

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1 - 5 people

Instagram, Careers Site, Glassdoor, Job Description, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube


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Video outputs

The template

A day in the life through my eyes

What is this project about?
We want you to give us a real insight into what it is to experience life at [COMPANY] through your eyes!

What do I need to do?

  • Take us with you a day, showing us all the interesting and fun things you get up to on the average day

  • This is a totally POV (point of view) video, so you only need to film what you see in front of you - no need to film yourself face on

  • Try and show bits of your feet or hands, so the viewer really feels like they're experiencing what you're experiencing.

  • Check out the example here before you film, to give you some inspiration on the format

How do I upload?
This is the Seenit platform that we'll be using to film, upload and edit your clips. The filming instructions are below called "Scenes" so please film your clips and upload below!

What next?
We'll be taking your contributions and turning them into a video that we will share on social media, LinkedIn and our careers site. Check out this example for inspiration!

Thanks for being part of this video!

Story closes in 14 days

Film in portrait

Keep clips under 30s

Please choose a scene to upload to

Travel and arriving at work - POV style
Meetings and socialising with colleagues - no confidential info please!
Lunch, exercise, anything social you take part in during work hours
Any other highlights in your day

Give this template a try

Use template

Top tips for running this project:

  1. 🤳 Encourage your contributors to focus on filming - they can add their voiceover later
  2. 🗣️ Once you've completed v1 of your edit, send it to your contributor so they can record their voiceover
  3. 🥳 Ask you contributor to include the fun and social aspects of their day, as well as their core responsibilities

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