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Team awards or recognition

Expressing gratitude to your teams for their hard work, or congratulating everyone on a recently won award, is an incredibly effective way to connect with your teams. And what better way to build that connection than with a video message?

This works especially well when you have a team spread across multiple locations. It's also a fantastic way to celebrate everybody's achievements across the wider business. Boost your team's profile and make sure everyone knows how much they're excelling!

Use this for both internal and external comms, so your network knows what's going on for you.

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Celebrating team achievements and awards

What is this project about?
This is your opportunity to shout about the fantastic work, or recent awards that your team has won. It's the perfect way to showcase your gratitude publicly, and ensure that teams spread across locations are given the recognition they deserve.

You can also post externally so your networks know what great work is being achieved under your leadership, and spread the news of your businesses success.

What do I need to do?

  • Try to include as many people as possible, not just the main players. This is a great opportunity to shout out some of the lesser seen members of your team as well

  • Call people out by name, and make sure you @ them if you do post externally

  • Keep it friendly, warm and positive.

How do I upload?
This is the Seenit platform that we'll be using to film, upload and edit your clips. Record your congratulatory message, upload, edit and host and then you're ready to share.

What next?
Share it widely internally and, if possible, externally, to really get the news out there.

Story closes in 1 day

Film in any

Keep clips under 30s

Please choose a scene to upload to

Explain who you are, what your team does and why you are congratulating them
Share any specific shout outs, and let people know how they can work with you and your team

Give this template a try

Use template

Top tips for running this project:

  1. 🗣️ Make sure you shout people out by name, and share their role if necessary
  2. 🙌 Focus on the work of the team rather than your own profile
  3. 🌟 It goes without saying, but keep it positive and congratulatory

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