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End of Year Highlights

To help you spotlight and celebrate the successes of your team members from this year.

1 Jan, 2022

5 min

Employee Engagement
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End of Year Highlights
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We've reached that time of year again - we'd love to learn and reflect more on what you've achieved both professionally and personally over the past 12 months!

Did you start a new job or join a new team? Did you relocate? Was there a project you worked on that was a huge success?

Did you adopt another house plant? Did a cute new pet join your family? Any life events that you'll always remember?

Please answer the questions below and remember to follow the top tips to ensure you capture the best quality content. Thanks so much for taking part, we can't wait to hear all about your year.

⭐️ The 5 L's of filming with your smartphone ⭐️

✔️Landscape: Film everything in landscape

✔️Listen: Make sure we can hear you (avoid background noise)

✔️Lighting: Try to avoid light coming from behind you, like in front of a window - natural light is the best 

✔️Location: Film somewhere with an interesting background 

✔️Lens: Try to look into the lens when filming, not at yourself!


Introduce yourself, what is your first name and job role?
What is your proudest professional achievement in 2022?
What is your biggest personal achievement in 2022?
Show us! Please share any videos and photos that support your stories
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About this template

To help you spotlight and celebrate the successes of your team members from this year.

This is a great way to highlight both the personal and professional achievements throughout your business.


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